Let's Pay It Forward

PIF is a FinTech that creates an opportunity for everyone: influencers, retailers, consumers, and organizations. It helps create, grow, and maintain a loyal customer following, as well as assists in peer-to-peer purchases by offering a philanthropic element to transactions creating a Pay-It-Forward atmosphere. PIF makes giving to a nonprofit easy and fun. Every time you purchase, trade, transfer, or convert a PIF, you're giving to a nonprofit of your choice. Whenever you buy an item in the PIF Portal, you're giving to a nonprofit of your choice. When you customize a PIF by creating a Face Value-Influencer PIF, you're giving to a nonprofit of your choice. Become a PIF’r today and be a philanthropist in your own right.

Standard PIF

Purchase PIFs to be used with your favorite merchants inside of our eCommerce Portal, and get exclusive deals by using Portal PIFs. The merchants are donating to nonprofits too.

Express Yourself and Share

Create a Face Value-Influencer PIF with an image, and then transfer them to your friends within the platform. If you're an Influencer, create a verified FV-I PIF and have them circulate amongst your fans.

PIF Exchange

Post your PIF(s) to trade inside the PIF Exchange. Other PIF’rs can make offers on your proposal; once you accept an offer, the PIF(s) will get moved into your pocket. Trade your FV-I(s) knowingly or anonymously with other PIF’rs in the PIF Exchange.

PIF Pocket

Launching soon on both iOS and Android devices, manage your Pocket and your PIFs, access the PIF Exchange, and buy merchant items in the Portal. Every time you complete a transaction with PIFs, a portion goes to a nonprofit of your choice. Nonprofit organizations and merchants joined our platform so that you can give easily and interact with other PIF’rs.

Become a PIF Organization

As a nonprofit, register to receive donations from PIF’rs.

As a merchant, use PIF to offer deals to your customers by donating to nonprofits.

The merchants' customized PIFs can be used to reward customers and help them access exclusive deals.

Easy Inventory Management

Once you've been approved as a merchant, you can start selling to your PIF’rs.

Inside of the Organization portal, your inventory managers can easily add products and all of their variations. You can also manage your financial accounts, add your team members as managers or administrators, and create rebate codes to distribute to your customers.

Organization Features

Easy Application Process

Becoming a PIF merchant or nonprofit organization is very easy! It's only a two-step process, and our customer service team is available to help you every step of the way.

Store Recognition

PIF’rs browse the Portal by store, enabling them to shop with the merchants they already love, and discover new ones.

PIF Loyalty

With every transaction you perform as a merchant, a portion goes to a nonprofit of your choice. PIF’rs know this and want to PIF with merchants who are regularly donating to nonprofits.

Want To Learn More About PIF?

PIF Launching Soon

Become a philanthropist and start paying it forward when we launch!

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